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We know you’ve got choices for esports & gaming content. So we’re not gonna say “stay up to date”, or “discover the world of esports” or any of that jazz. All we’re gonna say is this: Gaming and esports is vast and complicated....but fun and our passion.

There are too many leagues, too many scenes, too many news… it’s hard to stay up to date and a one-stop-shop is quite convenient. Well, well, well, what do you know: We’re that one-stop-shop. Videos? We got you. Opinion pieces? Check. Guides? Yes! Highlights, top whatever lists and tier lists? You know we got that. Stay up to date with EarlyGame and you stay up to date with gaming. And, yes, that was a slogan. Couldn’t be helped. By the way, should you not like any of the games we cover, we got a couple more brands that might be more your style, like MobileMatters! You should check it out!

More about EarlyGame Group - everything we do, you'll find on our group website: https://earlygamegroup.com/

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Business & Tech

Fabian Furch

Former semi-professional Counter-Strike player and football entrepreneur, now again in gaming. Responsible for Partnerships, Content, Product & PR.

Leopold Ingelheim

Passionate Social Media and Marketing guru leading EarlyGame's Finance, Marketing, HR and Social Media activities.

Dominique Netters

Europe based, freelance SWE. Making sure the EarlyGame platforms run stable. Might rewrite everything in COBOL for job security.

Sales & Partnerships

Henri Metzger

Munich born and raised, i manage all the things on our partner & client side. Always glad to chat about WOW and LOL (or business, if you like that)!

Lars Levinger

Bullied by everyone for playing boomer-games but jokes on them I can do more push-ups than all of them so I legally own this company.

Marketing & Social Media

Karlson Koenig

Festival-goer, electronic music connoisseur and animal lover, who prides himself on his positive outlook on life.

Content Creation

Lukas Scherbaum

Addicted to FIFA since 04. Now has >5 years of experience as an online journalist. He is a member of the Gullit Gang at EarlyGame.

Jon Ramuz

I'm a devotee of all things Tolkien and Call of Duty. A strange mix? Perhaps. But that's the way I like it.

Daniel Ribeiro

Haven’t slept since 1998. Since those 6 arms came out of the bottom of the well in OoT. Was a Video Editor for Germany's Next Topmodel... Well, Look at me now Heidi!

Faris Delalic

Born and raised in Munich, a huge fan of all kinds of games, especially single player games. Faris is leading the Gaming category on EarlyGame.

Lukas Ballat

Lukas actually studied to become a teacher, and now he teaches you everything about Call of Duty, while also taking care of partner projects, hardware and affiliate marketing.

Sabrina Ahn

I am a Canadian-German who always wanted to write about ice hockey and the NHL but somehow ended up writing about League of Legends.

Alisa Eiber

Weeb, streamer and full-time gamer. Thanks to EarlyGame, I was able to turn my hobby into a profession. Most of my articles can be found in the German Fortnite section.

Ignacio Weil

Master of localizations and pop-culture survivor. I’m actually trapped inside the code of this website. Please, send help!

Jonas Sohns

I studied sports journalism in Munich and have been working for EarlyGame since 2021. My favourite games are FIFA, Madden NFL and Formula 1.

Lasse Lindner

I’m only here to learn how to cope with the anger issues LoL gave me. Haven’t made any significant progress so far.

Malena Rose

I am a long-time lover of fantasy games and have always had a thing for small but significant indies. Zelda Ocarina of Time will forever have a special place in my heart. As a kid, I spent countless hours with it and was totally mesmerized.

Kim Berkemeyer

Die hard Zelda fan with >7 years experience in digital journalism strategies. Always ready to save the clicks, the rankings and the princess.

Robert Bachhuber

As a master graduate of sociology who wrote his thesis about Twitch I know a fair share about streaming. Adding to that, I love binge-watching TV shows, so I got entertainment covered.

Nazarii Verbitskiy

Nazarii is a freelance writer who wears many different hats. He works on codes for EarlyGame, while also writing guides on Mobile Matters. He loves EA FC and Warzone, so you can always find him playing these games.

Susanne Ehls

Grew up in a Gamer household, which made me fall in love with everything video game. Currently in love with Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts & Zelda. If you want to discuss lore or deep dive into fandom culture, I’m the right person to talk to.

Ewelyn Derc

I've been working in the gaming biz for over a decade and am a Junior Content Creator at EarlyGame. My main focus is the Gaming category, where I write guides, news, reviews, opinion pieces and more.

Tanja Haimerl

After getting her degree in media sciences, Tanja went straight to making a job out of her hobby: as an EarlyGame content creator, she combines her passion of writing and obsessing over good stories in all kinds of media.

Carina Tönges

I’m currently studying Journalism and write for EarlyGame’s Gaming section. Whether it’s Stardew Valley, Dead by Daylight or even League of Legends, I love playing and writing about all sorts of video games!

Jonathan Rossbach

A Counter-Strike diehard with a love for shooters, sports, and simulation games.

Stoyan Ovcharov

Little did I know when I first discovered Super Mario Bros. in '95 that gaming will turn into a passion and a job. Taking care of product matters and EG's Spanish site.

Ivan Shahran

Gamer, writer and night owl. Big nerd about indie movies and music. I write about mobile gaming and eSports but also manage the socials.

Ina Zukina

Hi, I'm Ina, and I'm currently mostly into Valorant and the occasional MMO for some nostalgic fun.

Leonhard Kühnel

When Leo isn’t busy playing the best videogame you’ve never heard of, he is reporting the latest news in EarlyGame's Gaming category.

Tim Ladegast

Tim is studying Media Studies at the University of Bayreuth. His passion for video games led him to intern at EarlyGame, where he presents the latest patch notes, guides and off-meta strategies for the LoL category and RiftFeed.

Rijad Kamberovic

Rijad is a freelance writer covering all things League of Legends on RiftFeed, and writing guides for Word Games on EarlyGame.

Gaston Cuny

Gaston is a freelance writer covering various Fortnite & Entertainment topics for EarlyGame.

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