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Call of Duty Polls

CDL 2021
Who have you got winning CDL Champs 2023?
Gaz Branded
Are You Still Playing Call of Duty?
Sniper in Warzone
Should Snipers Be Able To Knock 3-Plated Enemies With A Headshot?
Modern Warfare 2
What are you playing the most?
Co D Operator Skins
How Much Money Have You Spent on CoD?
Treyarch Logo
Which CoD Developer Is Your Favorite?
Ps plus online multiplayer cod
Do You Play CoD Multiplayer Only To Level Weapons For Warzone?
New Gulag
Did You Ever Go Through A Game Without Going Into The Gulag At Least Once?
BOCW Operator
Does Warzone Need More Female Operators?
Update Helicopter Safety Co D
Which Method Of Transportation Is Your Favorite in Warzone?
Black Ops Cold War
Which Call of Duty Black Ops Game Was Your Favorite?
Cod 2023 hurt warzone
Are You Ready For The Next CoD Game?
Verdansk 840
Verdansk vs. Caldera
Cod mobile season 2
Are You Playing CoD: Mobile?
Co D Gulag AR
Are You A Fan Of The Current Gulag?

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