€75 | EarlyGame October League of Legends 1v1 Tournament

We're back in style this month with our League of Legends monthly Tournament! It's also time for our world-famous prize-pool: this time, a whopping €75!
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Wow! It's time for our Monthly League of Legends tournament!

Our hot-girl summer is over, and it's time for the spooky season, and what's spookier than a little bit of League of Legends? Nothing! So that's why we're organizing a perfect Halloween tournament! Seriously, you can buy yourself a last-minute costume, so you won't have to go trick-or-treating in the same sh*t you wore the last 4 years. So go on, sign up for our October LoL tournament and take home that €75 prize pool.

Give Us the Deets, Man!

Well, the big detail in question is the prize pool: €75 up for grabs, split between our first, second and third place winners. That's €40 for our winner, €25 for our second-placer, and €10 for the geezer who comes third. We think that for no entry price, and a fun-ass night, this is a pretty exciting deal-sweetener!

We're running our third tournament through Battlefy once again, because we love this platform! So: all you have to do is join up to our Discord, make a Battlefy account and join our tournament, subscribe to MyEarlyGame, and bang! It's time to own your opponents' a$$, and win yourself that sweet-as-sh*t prize money. You wanna join in?

Wanna join? Click the picture to join!

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Are you ready? Click my sphere! | © Riot Games

So, that's it, it's time for you to jump into our second August Tournament - a 1v1 League of Legends extravaganza!

  • When? Saturday, October 30, at 18:30 CET (be signed up, online and checked in from 18:00).
  • Where? Well, you need a MyEarlyGame account, to have joined our Discord, and to have registered on Battlefy!
  • Why? Because it'll be a whole load of fun, there's €75 at stake, and of course, it will be super f**king awesome!
  • How? Well, obviously through Battlefy, but remember to read all of the rules on both Battlefy and our Discord.
  • Don't Forget! The full set of rules is listed on the Battlefy – read them thoroughly, you don't want to get disqualified!

Make sure to sign up and have everything sorted for registration, which is 18:00 CET on Saturday, October 30. We'll be waiting for you, and we'll be hyped!

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