EA FC 24 Pre-Season Reward Fiasco: EA Fails To Deliver Promised Packs & Responds

The grind for the EA FC 24 Pre-Season rewards in FIFA 23 was long and hard. Now EA has sent out the wrong rewards – and some are still missing. At least the publisher is aware of the situation. We show you how EA reacts to this debacle and when the (hopefully) right rewards will be delivered later.

EA FC 24 Pre Season Rewards Compensation Packs
EA FC 24: The Pre-Season rewards are not correctly included in Ultimate Team. | © EarlyGame/EA Sports

During the Pre-Season time in FIFA 23, all FUT players had the opportunity to complete special Objectives in Ultimate Team to earn packs and other rewards for EA FC 24.

After the new EA game has been out for a while now, we all hoped for a fresh and clean start – but EA does not care too much about their loyal player base – nothing changed despite the new name 🤡

EA FC 24 compensation Pre Season Rewards Missing Packs Wrong
EA FC 24: The wait for the compensation for missing Pre-Season rewards begins.

The small indie company only had about a month to make sure we got the right rewards at the right time. At least they are aware of the situation and have released a statement.

EA FC 24 Pre Season: Missing Packs & Incorrectly Rewards

To be clear: Only when you have completed all the Pre-Season Objectives in FIFA 23 will you receive all the rewards in the form of League Packs, Coin Boosts, a Hero Loan Player and the special 82+, 83+ & 84+ packs.

At least we hoped so. But relying on EA is hard. They have already included so many special packs that are very expensive – but they are obviously not interested in packs we don't have to spend money or coins on.

EA FC 24 Carryover Rewards: EA Responds To Huge Fail

The Carryover Rewards from FUT '23 have been live and available in EA FC 24 since October 12, 2023. You can redeem the rewards in-game; they can be found in your UT Store.

Many players have reported that their packs are missing or that they received the wrong rewards. While EA sent out some 85x5 Player Packs to people who did not complete a single Pre-Season Objective, others who completed everything only received the 82x10 Player Pack. You can see a list of all the rewards we should have received at the end of this article.

Now the wait for compensation begins. EA has posted a statement on X that they are aware of the situation and will address the issue "in the coming days".

Well, there is not one word about the missing 5x 83+ Player Packs & 3x 84+ Player Packs – which is quite absurd. We had to play so many matches until the very end of FIFA 23 to get a little boost for EA FC 24, and now we can only hope and pray that they have not "forgotten" these high rated packs.

This is especially annoying since the Trailblazers campaign will bring cracked cards. We'll keep you updated on any further statements from EA. They have not yet responded to our DMs.

All FIFA 23 Pre-Season Rewards Coming To EA FC 24

The pre-season in FIFA 23 lasted three weeks and ended just before the release of EA FC 24. Here are all the rewards you SHOULD get if you completed all Objectives:

  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Item for 5 matches
  • Coin Boost (1000 Coins for 5 matches)
  • 3 Rare Gold Players from Serie A
  • 3 Rare Gold Players from Bundesliga
  • 3 Rare Gold Players from La Liga
  • 3 Rare Gold Players from Ligue 1
  • 3 Rare Gold Players from Premier League
Week 1
  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Item for 5 matches
  • Coin Boost (1000 Coins for 5 matches)
  • 10x 82+ Player Pack
Week 2
  • 5x 83+ Player Pack
  • 3x 84+ Player Pack
Week 3

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