Porsche x Gaming: Join The Dual Study Program In Automotive Engineering

Just because you're a gamer doesn't mean you necessarily want to work in the video game industry yourself. Still, the skills you learn through gaming can be used later in your career. This is also true for engineering professions, believe it or not. We'll show you why you could be a good fit for automotive engineering as a gamer!

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You probably haven't thought, "Wow, my gaming skills could definitely help me become an Automotive Engineer", right? But that's where we come in at EarlyGame! We always try to show you new professions and jobs that could be a good fit for you as a gamer, even if you might not believe it at first.

Maybe you've already browsed through our Jobs for Gamers page and stumbled upon some jobs you wouldn't have considered otherwise. Today, we've picked out a very specific job to show you why you could fit well into an industry you may not even have thought about so far.

On our Jobs for Gamers page, you'll find several job listings from Porsche, including one for a dual study program for a Bachelor's in Embedded Systems Automotive Engineering. It might sound quite unusual and maybe a bit overwhelming at first, but let us briefly show you what you can expect from this dual study program and why you might be a good fit!

Dual Study Program in Automotive Engineering

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Jobs for Gamers: Maybe Porsche is the right choice for you? | © Tim Raack via Pexels

Just to clarify for everyone: a dual study program is not like a traditional program, where you study full-time and have to figure out how to make ends meet with part-time jobs on the side. The great thing about a dual study program is that it combines practical experience with theory. So, your workplace will regularly switch between lecture halls and your practical work location.

In this case, at Porsche, you would alternate between the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Ravensburg and the Porsche factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen or the Weissach development center.

In this dual study program, your responsibilities will include, among other things, software engineering, model-based development, and vehicle electronics. So, if you're interested in something like this, the position at Porsche might be the right fit for you!

The best part of a dual study program is not only that you'll have a bachelor's degree at the end, but also that you'll earn money during your apprenticeship!

But why should you consider a dual study program for a Bachelor's in Embedded Systems Automotive Engineering?

We'll show you a few skills you probably have as a gamer that could make you stand out during the application process!

Analytical Skills

The analyses you do in a video game may be somewhat different from those of an Automotive Engineer, but the fundamental skill remains the same.

In a game, you often quickly analyze which armors or weapons are better or worse, especially when you're in the midst of a battle. Over time, you know what to look for and can make your analyses in the blink of an eye, even if you don't really perceive them as such.

In Automotive Engineering, you'll frequently need to conduct error analysis to ensure optimal product quality. The application areas are somewhat different, but you probably already have some practical experience!

Planning Skills

An important task of an Automotive Engineer is to conduct measurements, tests, and simulations, as well as create technical plans. To excel at all of this, you need to be good at planning and handling predefined plans.

Just as you complete missions in a video game, you'll also have to follow testing guidelines. Additionally, it involves your own planning skills because someone won't always tell you exactly what to do.

Perhaps you already have some planning skills thanks to your analytical abilities. In video games, you often have to devise your own tactics and plans to progress. If you're good at it in games, you've likely applied it to other aspects of your life and can use it in your profession as well!

Proficiency with Technology

Proficiency with technology involves various skills, many of which you'll also need as an Automotive Engineer.

As we mentioned earlier, an Automotive Engineer not only learns software engineering, but also how to handle vehicle electronics. So, if you enjoy tinkering with technology and software in your spare time, such as PC upgrades or modding, these are solid foundations for learning more technical skills in the dual study program.

The best part of it all is that this is a dual study program at Porsche. That means you don't have to be perfect in either work area already; you'll learn everything!

But it also doesn't hurt if you already have some good basic knowledge. So, if you bring some of the skills mentioned above, you'll surely be in a good position!

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