Jobs in IT: 3 Reasons, Why Gamers Are A Perfect Fit

Gamers often have special qualities that make them a perfect fit for a job in IT. Here's why you as a gamer should consider working in IT.

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Let us explain to you, why gamers are a perfect fit for a job in IT. | © Florian Olivo via Unsplash

Gamers accumulate a lot of knowledge and skills through their hobby, and this means they already have many good qualifications for various jobs. Most of the skills acquired through gaming will actually come in clutch when working in IT. We'll present some reasons why you as a gamer are a perfect fit for a job in computer science.

Gamers + IT Jobs = Perfect Match

There are so many things that gamers can bring to an IT job, and employers know it! Here are a series of advantages that make you perfect for the job and the job perfect for you.

1. Experience And Passion For The Digital World

As a gamer, you already spend a lot of time in front of screens and see the many digital possibilities realized through IT. Often, there is a natural passion for the world of video games as well.

So, it's a logical step to take a look behind the scenes into the backend and find out how your favorite games work. Your experience and passion for gaming are wonderful prerequisites to dive into the IT world professionally.

2. You Already Know Your Way Around

A lot of PC gamers, but also gamers in general, love to figure out all the possibilities and limitations of their PCs, consoles, or favorite games. However, many people underestimate how many gamers actually know about both hardware and software. Especially nowadays, it's super easy to create or use mods, and the longer we engage with a game, the clearer it becomes how its mechanisms work. And this experience is also a big advantage for IT jobs.

3. You Use IT Outside Your Professional Life

Lastly, let's not underestimate the difference it can make that practicing these skills in your personal life can make. As a gamer, you will not only interact with IT topics professionally at work, but also in your everyday life. And we all know, repetition helps a lot when learning new skills or improving those you have already acquired. It also means many things come naturally and more quickly to you since you're always on the PC anyhow!

Now you know why gamers are very well-suited for IT jobs, now get out there and land your dream job in the industry!

Lukas Ballat

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