LoL Champion Roadmap: All Info On Upcoming Champions

The LoL champion roadmap gives players a chance to see which champions Riot is looking to release next. So if you're short on Blue Essence and want to know who to save up for, keep reading so you know which characters are your next mains in League of Legends.

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LoL Champion Roadmap: Hwei has been teased. | © Riot Games

There have been several new champions in 2023 already, with a support and mid lane champion releasing. There are more champs that will be added in the future though, so who is the next champion that Riot is going to release for us?

Of course, that isn't the only new champion content we've received, with Aurelion Sol receiving a Comprehensive Gameplay Update, and Ahri finally getting her Art and Sustainability Update as well. But what else is on the list of upcoming champion changes and what can we expect from the Champion Roadmap for the second half of 2023 and early 2024?

LoL Champion Roadmap: Who is the Next League of Legends Champion?

Hwei – New Mid Lane Mage Revealed

Ink Mage 2
What can we expect from the Ink Mage? | © Riot Games

The next champion Riot has teased is a new mid lane mage who will be using the power of art. This isn't exactly a new champion concept, with information revealing that Riot has had thoughts of this before, but decided against releasing a champion with an art mechanic due to the constraints.

It seems that they now revisited the idea, as they not only revealed the next champion name, Hwei, but also provided us with some deeper insights into his design.

The way they describe Hwei on their website it looks like he will have a wide variety of options to his kit, focusing on “three specific subjects”, which might be referring to his three basic skills that each portray one of those subjects.

Hwei’s use of deeply complex artistic tools and styles should lend mage lovers a blueprint to their big moment with finesse and tact.

Initially, the team had wanted to make a mage that could literally draw their abilities, but that might be a little too difficult to implement.

This champion will be from Ionia according to the April 2023 champion roadmap, which also revealed Briar's name. Other than that, there isn't much to go on for this mid lane champion, who is still shrouded in mystery.

New Creature Champion Announced

League Ei
New beast champion announced | © Riot Games

Not only did the champion roadmap for October 2023 provide us with some new enticing info about the new artist mid laner, it also revealed that the next champion will be a beast type, just like Naafiri.

They didn't reveal too much, but what we know is that it will be “much much cuter”, while still “smoldering with power”. Considering we've got the Year of the Dragon coming up for Chinese New Year, it makes a lot of sense to see a new dragon enter the Rift.

Maybe it will be a growth type champion, as they explain how “you can track his progress through how his fire breathing techniques have improved”.

We also got some glimpse into his lore, as this new dragon is apparently “an heir of royalty”. Perhaps it will be also be a character similar to Nunu & Willump, as they also state how there is “something lurking not too far in the distance, always watching, creating a safe space for our young dragon to grow”.

Guess, we'll have to wait for them to reveal more though, before we can be sure.

Freljord Huntress Rumored

Freljord Raiders
Can't wait to be back in the Freljord. | © Riot Games

There have also been leaks and rumors surrounding another new champion. This would be a top lane huntress from the Freljord. She would also use a new and unique weapon that Riot would create for the world of Runeterra.

There isn't much else known, but if these rumors are true, then we hope that she is as jolly and friendly as Braum.

Is The Freljordian Huntress The New Vastaya?

Riot also added information on a new Vastaya champion who lives in the forest of the Freljord. Living by her lonesome could mean that she is going to be a huntress, right? Since she'll have to hunt for her food, right?

This does seem pretty likely. She will be released after the upcoming young dragon champion, so she will likely come around the halfway mark of 2024.

When Will The Skarner Rework Go Live?

Skarner was voted to be the next champion to receive a VGU by the League of Legends community, and it looks like Riot finally reached a presentable state with their rework. They finally provided fans with a first look at his abilities and how he will look going forward.

It has been revealed that we won't be getting a lot more VGU's for champions, so we expect Skarner to be the only one to receive a visual and gameplay update in 2023. We will have to stay patient to find out more about this unique jungle champion.

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