Riftfeed Birthday Celebration: €500 LoL Tournament

Riftfeed is celebrating its 1-year anniversary, but without the LoL community, the website couldn't have grown into what it is today, so it's time we say thank you to the fans by hosting a League of Legends tournament and to have some fun!

RF Tournament
Oh yes it's time to celebrate! | © Riot Games

Riftfeed is celebrating its 1-year anniversary! But wait... what the hell is Riftfeed, and why is this on EarlyGame? Well, one year ago, we here at EarlyGame decided to expand. We just loved League of Legends so much that we felt having a second website dedicated to the game would be great and thus, Riftfeed came into existence.

So, now as with any good birthday, it's time to celebrate it, and we're going all-out with giveaways, as well as one big Riftfeed tournament. You can win money by participating in the event, but worry not, we know not all of you are going to be Diamond III, so just by watching the tournament, you can also win some cool prizes! Let's go over all the details right now!

Who Is Hosting the Tournament?

This tournament will be hosted by Twitch streamer Belkasu. This is especially important since the registration for the tournament will be organized on her Discord server. So, definitely join if you're serious about competing for the big prize. If you might – for whatever crazy reason – still have any open questions about the tournament after carefully reading this article – her Discord will be the place to find all answers.

Also, the tournament will be a 5-player tournament, but even if you're alone and don't have friends, you can still join and find someone in her discord! It's worth a try for sure.

How Will the Tournament Proceed?

So, first of all, let's go over team registration. You're going to have to use your op.gg links so we can prevent smurfs from participating in the tournament. Why? Well, team assembly is going to be based on points and depending on which rank you are, a certain number of points is going to be given out.

Most important: Your five starters are not allowed to have more than 25 points in total!



Master15 (max 150 LP)

You're also able to register a substitute player who can join your squad if someone can't participate. This sub is only allowed to be Gold or lower, though.

Also, you're allowed to have a squad with less than 25 points. Participating with a team consisting of both a Master- and a Diamond-player is not allowed. Maximum of one of those per team and don't forget to sum up to no more than 25 points! Second grade algebra, you know.

When is the Tournament?

Now, once all the teams have signed up and are ready to participate, it's time to get to the game, right? The tournament is going to start on September 24, 2022 at 10:00 AM CEST. The best way to always stay up to date is to check out our tournament bracket. Nice thing about the rules is that there is a "loser's bracket", just like the one they havein the LEC playoffs!

So even if you mess up in one of the games, you've got a chance to redeem yourself in the lower bracket!

LoL Tournament Prizes

Of course, you'll want to know what you can win! So let's go over the prizes! The first three places in our tournament are awarded with prize money! The third-placed team will receive €100 in total, number two will be awarded with €150, and we'll put a nice green bank note on top for our winners – 250 for the winning team!

But if you don't think you're good enough, then you're also able to get prizes just by tuning in and watching. These prizes are all sponsored by Euronics and will improve your gaming setups!

Worry not, we're giving away multiple prizes so tune in, have fun and let's get gaming!

I'll sum it up again: LoL tournament, September 24th, 10:00am CEST! Get up early! Registration on Belkasu's Discord server. If you want to watch – Belkasu's stream! First Class entertainment!

Keep that in mind! See you soon.

Sabrina Ahn

Sabrina Ahn is the League of Legends and Riftfeed Lead. During her time at Concordia University in 2014 she fell in love with LoL and is playing it since – how she hasn't lost her sanity is still unclear....