LoL: Riot Targeting Troll-Gragas Playstyle With Upcoming Nerfs

Gragas will be receiving a nerf after a video of the champion's most unstoppable, yet kind of troll build, went viral.

Gragas lol oktoberfest
LoL: Sorry boys impregnator Gragas is no more. | © Riot Games

There has been a new Gragas build that has made the rounds on social media. This new build maximizes his ability haste, meaning he is able to spam his E – Bodyslam over and over. This has resulted in the infamous 'impregnator Gragas' making it onto the Rift.

Riot doesn't seem to want this build to become the norm and will be making some changes, nerfing this troll-build in the upcoming PBE cycle.

LoL: Gragas' Bodyslam Cooldown To Be Nerfed

Gragas' E – Bodyslam is one of his most iconic abilities. Recently, content creator Sloppy Walrus created a new build which ensures the most amount of Abiltiy Haste possible. Thanks to this build, he's able to have 0 cooldown on the ability.

Thanks to the abilities passive, "the current cooldown of E is reduced by 3 seconds if Gragas hits an enemy". Add in all of the other accumulated Ability Haste and boom. You cannot escape Gragas' Bodyslam.

Since the build from Sloppy Walrus has gone viral, more and more impregnator Gragas' have appeared on Summoner's Rift, which has prompted Riot to start working on some nerfs to his E passive.

The changes won't be making their way to LoL Patch 13.21, but should be added in the upcoming Patch 13.22. Riot will likely adjust the E cooldown refund and how it will scale, so it is less effective at lower cooldowns.

So, if you enjoy this hilarious Gragas build, then you should try it out now and in the upcoming patch, because nerfs are going to be hitting Gragas soon – some form of vasectomy joke could be made at this point.

Sabrina Ahn

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