Spider-Man 2: All Main Missions & App Request Missions

Spider-Man 2 has now finally been released, and I'm sure you're itching to find out what all the main missions are and whether you've already missed an app request or two from the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app! If you're unsure, then check out the list below.

Spider Man 2 wingsuit
Spider-Man 2: Find out what main missions and app requests you can take on! | © Insomniac Games and Marvel

The moment we've all been waiting for has come: Spider-Man 2 is finally out! Now that we can swing and glide around NYC as both Peter AND Miles, there's lots to see and even more to do!

To make sure that you didn't miss any missions (or if you just can't wait to find out what's in store for Spider-Man 2) we've made two lists for you guys! One with all of the Spider-Man 2 main missions and another with all Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app requests.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Spider-Man 2: All Main Missions

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Spider-Man 2: Make sure to take a break in between all your Spider-Man duties, to enjoy as much of the game as possible! | © Insomniac Games and Marvel

To make things even easier, you'll find the corresponding locations next to the mission names, so you'll always know where you need to go next. That way, you can easily fast travel to your next destination, if you're not in the mood for swinging or gliding!

All together, there are 31 main missions for you to complete in Spider-Man 2 .

  1. Surface Tension – Financial District
  2. One Thing at a Time – Financial District
  3. Show me New York – Little Odessa
  4. Roll Like We Used To – Astoria
  5. Not on my Watch – Upper East Side
  6. Amends – Harlem
  7. Healing the World – Greenwich
  8. Bad Guys on the Block – Chinatown
  9. Make Your Own Choices – Midtown
  10. Master Illusionist – Downtown Brooklyn
  11. A Second Chance – Downtown Brooklyn
  12. Science Buddy – Greenwich
  13. Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt – Williamsburg
  14. Funky – Harlem
  15. Good Men – Greenwich
  16. The Flames Have Been Lit – Little Odessa
  17. Stay Positive – Greenwich
  18. Wings of My Own – Harlem
  19. New Threads – Astoria
  20. It Chose You – Upper West Side
  21. Wake Up – Astoria
  22. I'm the Hero Here – Upper East Side
  23. No Escape – Harlem
  24. Anything Can be Broken – Chinatown
  25. Don't be Scared – Midtown
  26. Trouble with Harry – Hell's Kitchen
  27. This Isn't You – Astoria
  28. Set Things Right – Financial District
  29. It's All Connected – Midtown
  30. Finally Free – Midtown
  31. Together – Astoria

Spider-Man 2: All FNSM App Request Missions

Spider Man 2 miles helicopter
The FNSM app was introduced in the Miles Morales standalone game. | © Insomniac Games / Marvel

If you're looking for a change of pace in-between all the stressful main missions, then you might want to take on an FNSM app request or two. There are six app quests in total that you can complete in Spider-Man 2, so fewer than in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but don't worry, you'll still have plenty to do!

  1. Photo Help – Midtown
  2. Howard – Financial District
  3. Graffiti Trouble – Little Odessa
  4. Monster in Queens – Astoria
  5. Find Grandpa – Downtown Brooklyn
  6. Rooftop Fireworks – Williamsburg

Completing the app requests will each give you a 600-800 XP reward, as well as 200 Tech Parts and 2 Hero Tokens.

These are all the app requests we know about. If we discover any more missions, we'll make sure to keep you updated!

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