The Top 10 Gaming Jobs

If you're a passionate gamer looking for a job, then we've got just the thing for you right here with our top 10 gaming jobs!

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Finding a way to combine your favorite hobby and your future career can be tricky, but not impossible! There are a bunch of great jobs out there that are perfect for gamers, even if you aren't aware of it just yet. Therefor, we've decided to create a list of our top 10 gaming jobs, so you can know what to look for in the future!

Jobs for Gamers: Top 10 Gaming Jobs

Of course, no job on this list is better than the other, so this is not a ranking but simply a general list of our top 10 gaming jobs. So don't be surprised by the order, all the jobs here are top-notch!

1. Sound Engineer

You probably wouldn't think of this job first when someone mentions gaming, but sound engineers are of great importance not only in the music and television industries but also in the gaming industry!

2. Software Developer

If you are a Software Developer or want to become one, you shouldn't have any problem to find a job. Software Developers are employed in pretty much every company.

If you're not sure where to start working, feel free to check out our ads here. Pro tip: TK is currently looking for software developers.

Or, if you already have years of experience in the field, you can check out Porsche. They are currently looking for a (Senior) Software Engineer.

3. Programmer

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While programmers do similar work to software developers, as they both work with programming languages, their tasks are quite different. The software developer builds the foundation of a program, and a programmer takes care of the finer details.

Naturally, programmers are in high demand in video game development, so brush up on your IT skills!

4. Storyteller aka Screenwriter

Creative minds are also welcomed in a wide variety of jobs, and of course, they are urgently needed in gaming jobs. The storyteller creates the plot of a video game and ensures that there is a common thread that should be recognizable throughout the game.

5. Business Management

Business managers are also important in the gaming industry, especially in the esports sector! How convenient that you can study Digital Business Management with a focus on Gaming & Esports at the Digital Business University of Applied Sciences.

6. Caster

If you're a big esports fan, then you've probably seen or rather heard casters many times. Casters host esports events and engage the audience with their immense knowledge of the game. Therefore, gamers who have a good understanding of esports games are of great importance here.

7. Animator

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Whether creative or logically inclined, there is the right job for every gamer! | © Lucie Liz via Pexels

An animator is responsible for the movements of characters (to put it roughly). Unlike a video game artist, they are not necessarily responsible for the design of characters, but that may also fall within their scope of work.

8. Video Game Artist

Since we were just talking about video game artists: artistic and creative people are needed here, as they set the scenes of a game along with the storytellers. Depending on the game, more drawing skills or good use of motion capture programs may be required.

9. Video Game Designer

Naturally, there must also be people who have an overview of the conception of video games. While other jobs are also important in game design, the video game designer is at the forefront. To have the necessary understanding, video game designers must also have knowledge of programming, design, or the artistic design of a game, as they may need to work in all these areas.

10. Video Game Developer

The video game developer is responsible for implementing the designer's ideas. However, this does not mean that they are only involved in programming, as with the designer, it may well be that a developer has to help out in many different areas.

If these weren't enough ideas for gaming jobs, feel free to check out our Jobs for Gamers page!

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