Valorant's New Agent Iso Will Lock You In A 1v1 Arena Showdown

Valorant's new and upcoming agent Iso is an assassin, that locks his enemies in a 1v1 arena.

Iso valorant
Valorant's new agent Iso has a unique ultimate | © Riot

Riot just revealed Valorant's agent 24, known under the name Iso. The new duelist will be added in Valorant with Episode 7 Act 3 and comes with a fresh and unique ability kit, that will drastically change the game.

In an epic new trailer, Riot has just revealed their upcoming Valorant Agent Iso. The Chinese assassin will be making his way into the game with the next season, starting in a few weeks on October 31.

Valorant's New Agent Iso – Ultimate Ability

Screenshot 16
Iso's ultimate in Valorant | © Riot

The new duelist has a brand-new ability kit that brings new game mechanics to the table. In particular, his ultimate is something we never expected. The ultimate is called Kill Contract, and here is what it does:

Iso Ultimate (X) – Kill Contract

Upon using his ultimate ability, Iso will teleport himself and one enemy into an arena in another dimension. Both will spawn facing each other, with one wall in front of the enemy and two walls in front of Iso.

For those of you who have played LoL enough… Yes, this is exactly like Mordekaiser's ultimate ability, Realm of Death.

With the enemy trapped in their 1v1 arena, Iso has only a short time to decide which wall to hide behind before they disappear. This gives him an advantage because the enemy can't really guess which one Iso has chosen.

They will now duel for 50 seconds, and the winner will be teleported back to the map. During their time in the arena, both players will only be able to use the weapon they are holding and none of their other abilities. If they don't manage to kill each other at the end of the time, they will both die.

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