Yellowstone Season 6 Won't Happen, But A New Spinoff Is In The Works

Yellowstone will end with the current season and fans need to come to terms with the fact that season 6 ain't happening. Still, the Yellowstone universe continues to grow: even though there won't be a sixth season, another spinoff waits on the horizon.

Yellowstone Jimmy
New Yellowstone Spinoff In The Works | © Paramount

The second part of Season 5 still doesn't have a release date, not only due to the strike in Hollywood, but also due to an ongoing feud between the show's creator Taylor Sheridan and patriarch of the Dutton, Kevin Costner. But don't worry, part two is coming.

Season 5 will sadly be the last season of Yellowstone however, with or without Costner remains to be seen, but the show's inevitable end is set in stone. Luckily for fans, there's yet another spinoff in the works to lessen the pain. We've gathered everything you need to know about Yellowstone's future, the behind-the-scenes drama and all the news you could ever ask for.

No Season 6, But Yet Another Spinoff: "6666"

Yellowstone's massive success has led to a few spinoffs already (scroll down to read more about them if you somehow missed them at the time) and Sheridan has even more in store.

Under the working title "6666" the spinoff has been confirmed to be a kind-of-sequel to Yellowstone. Other than the rest of the spinoffs, 6666 won't be exclusive to Paramount+, but will also get a cable release.

Yellowstone Jefferson White
Is Jimmy still at Four Sixes ranch? | © Paramount

If and how the Duttons will play a part in that spinoff show remains to be seen. There's also no release date to report just yet, but rest assured that Yellowstone will continue one way or another.

"Lawmen: Bass Reeves" Is The Next Spinoff To Release

Before 6666 is released, we will first get a spinoffcalled Lawmen: Bass Reeveson November 5, 2023, via Paramount+.

David Oyelowo will play Bass Reeves, a real-life marshal back in the 1880s. The real Reeves was one of the first black deputy U.S. marshals, so it's pretty safe to say that he'll face more problems than most while trying to catch criminals.

But, alas, even though the show will likely take place during the same time period as the first spinoff 1883, there won't be any connection to that story.

Now let's take a quick look at the existing spinoffs you can watch today.

The Ultimate Guide To The Yellowstone Spinoffs

If you're a busy Duttonhead, you might want to check out the first spinoff 1883 that follows John's ancestors, with Tim McGraw starring as James Dutton. Being a ten episode long miniseries, it's binge-able on Paramount+.

The second spinoff ready to watch is also set in the past, hence the name 1923. Harrison Ford portrays the Dutton of the moment, Jacob Dutton, dealing with lots of troubles you've probably heard about in history class: the end of World War I, Prohibition and the first taste of the Great Depression.

Be warned, though: the series is not finished yet. Season 1 is on Paramount+, but if you're not up for having another Yellowstone-y season to anticipate, you might want for the release of season 2, probably coming in 2024.

Also, it's been confirmed that Matthew McConaughey has been cast as the lead in yet another new spinoff that currently remains untitled. And, you guessed it: if there's no title, there's also no release date.

And, to top it all off, there are rumors of another spinoff, titled 1944. There's no official confirmation for that, though, and there's the possibility that 1944 is basically the Matthew McConaughey-led spinoff that's to come.

So, there are lots of shows to watch for Yellowstone fans to pass the time until season 5 gets finished.

Sheridan vs. Costner – Will John Dutton Return In Season 5 Part 2?

Yellowstone Kevin Costner
Will John Dutton return? | © Paramount

According to Matthew Belloni of Puck News, Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner had a call that didn't really help to smooth things over. In short: Costner wanted his character John Dutton to have a proper goodbye, Sheridan was willing to give it, until Costner apparently had a few demands that went too far for Sheridan's liking.

Reportedly, Costner wanted "increased money, reduced shooting schedule, and – here's the kicker – the right to review, approve, and potentially veto every Sheridan script." That's where Sheridan drew the line and because he writes the scripts all himself, there's a chance that John Dutton won't return for the second half of season 5.

Paramount still has a poker face, stating the network is "very confident [Costner]'s going to continue with our show."

We'll obviously keep you updated on all things Yellowstone as soon as there's news to be reported!

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