Easier Rewards Coming In Upcoming Fortnite Ranked Seasons

Delve into Fortnite's revamped Ranked Mode rewards system, where achieving and flaunting your seasonal ranks just got a whole lot easier.

Fortnite ranked new rewards
Ranked rewards are coming. | © Epic Games

In the ever-evolving realm of Fortnite, players are always on the lookout for new challenges and rewards that showcase their achievements. The game's Ranked Mode has been the battlefield where players prove their mettle. However, the reward system has often been a long grind.

Fortnite Ranked Rewards Revamped

According to recent announcements from the game developers on Twitter, this is about to change, making rewards more accessible and reflective of players' achievements in the game.

In the upcoming seasons, Fortnite is modifying the reward tiers in its Ranked Mode to allow players to earn rewards that display their seasonal rank tier sooner. Unlike previous seasons where such rewards were the last to be earned, the new system aims to motivate players by rewarding them earlier.

These rewards will reflect the players' peak rank during Chapter 4 Season 4, even after the season concludes. This is a brilliant way to etch players' achievements into the game, allowing them to flaunt their highest rank attained in that specific season.

Additionally, a special reward is in store for players this season. The 'Redmask Ranker' Back Bling will be gifted to all players who log in at least once during the current season. This inclusive reward is a warm gesture to keep the Fortnite community engaged and appreciated, regardless of their rank.

These tweaks in the reward system not only incentivize the competitive spirit of the players but also make the ranked journey more enjoyable and fulfilling. With rewards that are both easier to attain and more representative of players’ progress, Fortnite continues to enhance the gaming experience in its unique, player-centric manner.

Now, as players dive back into the Ranked battles with a newfound enthusiasm, the stakes are high, and the rewards are more enticing than ever before - let's get grinding!

Gaston Cuny

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