€1000 Fortnite Tournament Powered by EURONICS & Featuring Semio88

After our outstandingly successful Fortnite Tournament back in March, we thought that it was time to up-the-ante. This time we're bringing €1000 to the table, and a whole lot more...

Fortnite 1000 EUR Tournament EURONICS
It's time to up-the-ante! | © Epic Games / EURONICS / EarlyGame

Back in March, we partnered with Semio88 and AlisaChristina to bang out a cracker of a Tournament, bringing you all a huge amount of Fortnite shenanigans over the course of a two-day event. We streamed, we screamed, we laughed, we cried, and we had one hell of a darn time. Now, though, it's time to up-the-ante with an insane €1000 prize pool! Oh, and we have partnered with EURONICS to bring you a bunch of fantastic giveaway prizes. You in?

So here's the deal: This time around we are going to run a tight, but no less massive, one day tournament on Sunday, June 12. This six-round tournament will feature more than just Fortnite as well. In fact, we're going to be giving a ton of stuff away to those of you who watch the goings-on via our Twitch channel. Thus, even if you lose in the first few rounds, you can still win some pretty darn great prizes!

What's the Deal with Our Latest Fortnite Tournament?

Well, let's get right to it. Here is a selection of the most important information that you need to know before you dive into EarlyGame's latest Fortnite Tournament.


FormatDuos, Arena
DateJune 12, 2022
Time15:00–19:00 CEST
Platform / WhereWarLegend
RulesRules Listed Discord
Prize Pool€1000
PrerequisitesEarlyGame+ Account, Discord subscription
Powered ByEURONICS Deutschland

See? It's all darn-well simple isn't it! All you need to do is join our Discord, make an EarlyGame+ account, and then jump on into WarLegend and register. Easy, right? Yep, and you're going to get a hell of a lot out of it if you join in!

How is the Prize Pool Split Up?

We've got a whopping €1000 prize pool, so here's an overview of what you can win by participating in EarlyGame's giant June Fortnite Tournament!

PlaceTotal PrizePrize Per Person

What's the Deal with Our Giveaway, Powered by EURONICS?

Let's start with a piece of really important information: Our crazy giveaway, powered by EURONICS, is only available for those of you who live in Germany or Austria. We apologize for those of you outside of those countries, but that's just how this has to be! Oh, also, that's why the graphics are in German. Apologies.

Earlygame euronics giveaway for tournament
Here are some crazy giveaways! | © EarlyGame / EURONICS / Acer / Roccat / Samsung

For those of you who won't be playing, you can still earn yourself some killer prizes! How? Well, we'll be holding some crazy giveaways on EarlyGame's Twitch channel. The show will be hosted by none-other than Semio88 and Alisa Eiber! It's going to be crazy, and we're going to be adding a ton more influencers by the time that it gets to June 12!

What is EarlyGame & EURONICS Giving Away?

On June 12, 2022, we will be giving away three big-ticket items to three lucky EarlyGamers. What do you need to do? Well, you need to watch the livestream of our giveaway. It's that simple. It really is. What are we giving away, though?

1st Prize: Acer C250i MR.JRZ11.001 DLP-Projector

Acer prize fortnite tournament
Our first prize is this incredible projector from Acer! | © EURONICS / Acer / EarlyGame

This crazy projector from Acer is currently valued at about €499 at EURONICS. With a fully native 1080p high definition resolution, to an aspect ratio of 16:9, this bad-boy features wireless projection via a Wi-Fi adaptor and Bluetooth wireless audio. It is also battery operated, with like five hours of battery life under its belt. Get ready to link your phone up and watch some movies on the big... wall...

2nd Prize: Samsung Odyssey G3A S27AG304NU

Samsung prize fortnite tournament
Are you looking for a new monitor? | © EURONICS / Samsung / EarlyGame

This 27" fully HD gaming monitor is an absolute steal at only €199 from EURONICS, and it's even cheaper here at EarlyGame because we're giving it away! Featuring an HDMI port, a DisplayPort, an Eye Saver Mode, and AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, this is a great little monitor and ripe and ready for all of that gaming goodness.

3rd Prize: Roccat Kone Pro Maus + Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO Bundle

Roccat prize fortnite tournament
This is one wild keyboard and mouse bundle! | © Roccat / EURONICS / EarlyGame

We're bundling together two of Roccat's premium mice and keyboards, each available at a great price over at EURONICS. Now, look, with these two bad-boys you are going to absolutely blast your way through rounds of Fortnite. Perhaps you will even be able to join our next Fortnite Tournament and fly all the way to the top of the leaderboards!

So! Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a great Tournament coming up at 3PM CEST on June 12, 2022. Jump into the arena if you feel so-inclined to pick up a nice piece of that €1000 prize pool. If not, tune into our livestream for some great entertainment and, of course, the chance to win one of these great prizes.

Please Note: We have a sponsored partnership with EURONICS to host this tournament.

Fortnite 1000 EUR Tournament EURONICS
Click-a click, click, click! | © Epic Games / EURONICS / EarlyGame
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