Hasan Faces Backlash For Claiming He Has A Policy Of Not Covering Breaking News On Piers Morgan Show

Hasan Piker recently appeared on the Piers Morgan Show, claiming he has a rule of not covering breaking news, despite doing so several times.

Hasan Piers
Hasan recently made a fool of himself talking to Piers Morgan | © Hasan Piker at Piers Morgan

Hasan Piker, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, recently made his appearance on the Piers Morgan Show. During the conversation, he claimed that he has a policy on his streams, not to cover breaking news, which is pretty ironic considering he is the biggest political commentator on the platform, covering a lot of breaking news.

Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker is a huge Twitch streamer who has made a name for himself for addressing political topics on stream. Born on July 25, 1991, in NewBrunswick, New Jersey, but raised in Istanbul, Turkey Hasan is a former broadcast journalist and producer for The Young Turks (TYT).

Hasan On The Piers Morgan Show: “I Have A Policy Of Not Covering Breaking News”.

Piers Morgan is a well known British journalist who is best known for his aggressive tactics during interviews. Regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict, he already invited several people to interview them on the situation, and recently Twitch streamer Hasan Piker joined that list as well.

Hasan has taken a strong stance against the Israeli government and oppression of Gaza and Palestine, also calling the war coverage “Israeli propaganda”.

Although Piers Morgan is also critical of the Israeli government and their oppression of Palestine, there still appears to be a disconnect between their opinions on the situation as a whole.

Even though the two of them seem to agree on a lot of points, Morgan is way more critical of the actions of Hamas, while Hasan is more critical of the retaliation by the military of Israel.

While we're not taking any sides on that discussion, it is kind of odd that Hasan refers to himself as just a “dumb idiot with a Twitch stream who is just live-reacting to the news”, when he is the biggest political commentator on Twitch.

As a former broadcast journalist for The Young Turks, who built his platform by commenting on politics and societal issues, this statement rubbed many people the wrong way.

Especially the part where he claims he “usually [has] a policy of not covering breaking news” got people riled up.

His statement has become a hot topic on Reddit, where a clip of another streamer laughing out loud, when Hasan talked about his No-Breaking-News policy.

In the comments, a lot of people are calling Hasan out for his statement, stating how “he obviously covers breaking news and events where the facts are still muddy”, or that he is blatantly lying about the matter.

To be fair, Hasan admits that sometimes that policy of not covering breaking news is violated, but people still feel like he's simply trying to avoid accountability for his statements.

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