EG October Solo Warzone Tournament: €75 On The Line!

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After the absolute s**storm that was 2020, we decided to bring the community together and host some fun-as-hell tournaments in 2021! First was our League of Legends tournament back in January, then it was time for some good ol' Rocket League in February, then League of Legends again in March, Fortnite in April, League of Legends again in May, followed by Valorant... okay now we're just listening. Look, there have been a ton, and now it's time for our October Warzone Tournament. Oh, and there's €75 up for grabs!

Give Us the Deets, Man!

Well, the big detail in question is the prize pool: €75 up for grabs, split between. That's €40 for our winner, €25 for our second-placer, and €10 for the geezer who comes third. We think that for no entry price, a fun-ass night, and the chance for some pretty sweet cash, you could hardly resist joining in!

We're running our third tournament through Battlefy once again, because we love this platform! So: all you have to do is join up to our Discord, make a Battlefy account and join our tournament, subscribe to MyEarlyGame, and bang! It's time to own your opponents' buttholes, and win yourself that sweet-as-sugar prize money. You wanna join in?

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So, that's it, it's time for you to jump into our June Tournament - a Solo Warzone extravaganza!

  • When? Saturday, October 09, at 18:30 CET (be signed up, online and checked in at 18:00)
  • Where? Well, you need a MyEarlyGame account, to have joined our Discord, and to have registered on Battlefy!
  • Why? Because it'll be a whole load of fun, there is €75 at stake, and of course, it will be super freaking awesome!
  • How? Well, obviously through Battlefy, but remember to read all the rules on both Battlefy and our Discord.

Make sure to sign up and have everything sorted for registration, which is 18:00 CEST on Saturday, October 09. We'll be waiting for you, and we'll be hyped!

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